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Standard Membership

Our Loaded program focuses on developing a well rounded athlete by emphasizing general physical preparedness. We want to get you fit for life.  This program incorporates constantly varied, high intensity, endurance, strength and gymnastics movements that will help you excel in your everyday life. These workouts are meant not only to improve your fitness but also to challenge you to be ready for all that life may throw at you (whether that’s moving a piece of furniture safely or getting through a long workday with energy).  Although this class includes heavy barbell work, every movement is scalable to meet you at your fitness level and is safely taught by one of our experienced coaches. If you do not have prior weightlifting experience, you are required to complete a foundations program prior to joining regular classes.


Standard Membership

Our Unloaded class is a small group, high energy, total-body workout without the use of heavy barbells or technical lifts. Incorporating all aspects of fitness, this program involves running, rowing, and calisthenics, along with the use of kettlebells, medicine balls, sleds, tires, and bodyweight exercises. Led by an experienced coach, the programming is constantly varied, meaning each class will be a different workout with different movements, time domains, and formats. This program is designed for anyone from newbie to advanced athlete with all workouts scalable for your current fitness level. We do our best to keep it interesting and fun!


$179 (one time fee)

The Foundations program consists of three (3) 1-on-1 sessions with a coach.  Each session goes through the primary functional movement patterns of squatting, pushing and pulling and ends with a WOD.  After the 1-on-1 sessions are completed, you can attend 3 classes per week for 3 weeks (included in price). This program is required for all individuals who want to join our Loaded classes but who do not have prior barbell and weightlifting experience.

Yoga Rx

Free for members; $5 per class for nonmembers

Our restorative and corrective yoga class is geared towards athletes. Mobility is a key element to a wellness regimen that often gets over looked. Simply put, mobility is the range of motion one has respective to a certain movement pattern. i.e. squat depth or overhead position. If your range of motion is poor then your power output will be poor as well. By improving stability, balance, and mobility, athlete’s of all types will improve performance and health.

Spartan SGX

Spartan SGX training at Chalk'd Fitness is a proven program that creates the world's best OCR athletes based on fitness, nutrition, mental skills, and race strategy that optimizes individual performance in Spartan races and other obstacle course races as well as in every day life.

This training will prepare athletes of any experience level to conquer any OCR race of any distance or difficulty, such as a shorter sprint 5K, a longer half or full marathon distance Beast or Ultra-beast and anything in between.

Classes include working on skills and techniques needed for tackling obstacles at any OCR - from climbing (rope climbs, monkey bars, wall climbing) to lifting and carrying (sandbags, buckets, hoisting, tire pulls and flips), crawling, running and throwing (spear throw). Strength and endurance training is also incorporated into the daily WOD and every class includes a thorough warmup and a cool down/mobility work.


Spartan SGX classes compliment any existing training and provides every athlete, regardless of experience level, a blueprint for success. We'll also review advanced topics to help you prepare for races.

Most of the classes will be held at Chalk'd Fitness but the occasional class held at a different location is not uncommon!

Are you ready to SPARTAN UP?!



Don’t wait any longer — you can start exercising right away! At Chalk'd, we offer a range of membership choices. Not sure whether you want to commit to a full membership or not? Try a free class today and decide whether joining Chalk'd is right for you. We look forward to meeting you!

3 classes per week

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Access to up to 3 Loaded, Unloaded and/or Spartan SGX classes per week. Open gym counts towards this limit.


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Unlimited access to all Loaded, Unloaded and Spartan SGX classes including open gym times.  Contact us to learn more.

We’re here to help and answer any questions you may have.